Mushroom Cultivation
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Mushroom Cultivation Mushroom Cultivation

The following three options are available:

  1. ENTREPRENEURIAL: Substrate Design + Mushroom Cultivation
  2. SEMI-COMMERCIAL: Substrate Design + Mushroom Cultivation
  3. COMMERCIAL: Substrate Design + Mushroom Cultivation and Business Plan
    including the Mushroom Substrate Design Calculator to the value of R 1932 / € 140 EURO

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Discount on all e-Learning courses.

Not possible to attend training courses in Johannesburg, Cape Town or globally? Or nearby training venues but rather want to absorb the course content at your own pace over a longer period of time? Then our unique combination of self-paced (asynchronous) and instructor-led (synchronous) e-Learning should be considered. E-learning is a relatively new phenomenon and refers to the use of electronic media and information and communication technologies in education.

Taking your own circumstances and means of electronic communication into account, e-learning might include one or numerous types of media that deliver text, audio, images, animation, or streaming video. If you have access to an e-mail address, the modern, popular e-Learning method would be the preferred choice.

However, if you prefer dealing with paper, the correspondence option (the traditional, old-fashioned method of completing distance education) could be selected. The latter deals with printed documentation distributed via the postal system.

Why would you consider distance education?

The proportion of individuals joining distance education for professional upgrade and for recreational purposes is growing immensely.

Distance education, by its very definition, denotes the physical separation of the learner from the instructor. It is thus characterised by non-contiguous communication, meaning that the learner and teacher are separated not only in space but also in time. Thus instead of assembling learners from dispersed locations in one place, distance education reaches out to learners wherever they live or wish to study. The distance learner is typically in full, partial or no employment and / or having family and social commitments.

What are the advantages of distance education over classroom / boardroom education?

  • Reduced course rate;
  • Additional e-Learning discount;
  • Eliminate the cost of accommodation and travelling;
  • All information in a clear and easy to understand format;
  • The ability to complete your course as quickly or slowly as circumstance dictates;
  • Unlimited e-mail and / or cell phone access to lecturers whilst doing the course. Recognising the immense social interaction needs of all human beings, we will spend a considerable amount of time guiding you through the material, explaining the finer detail and addressing your questions.

Why would you consider doing a course at the Academy?

You are dealing with experienced mushroom specialists, in other words, professionals who completed post graduate degrees at universities, worked at research institutes and served the private industries over years.

A surprisingly high number of spawn, cultivating and so-called mushroom guru workshops are run by amateurs. No problem becoming a mushroom guru, we all should. But leave the training to the professionals. Unless you want to be a mushroom hobbyist.

Mushroom cultivation is a field of specialisation. We recommend you complete the training before spending on infrastructure you will probably not need.

Please select the most suitable level of training:

  • No registration deadline, thus possible to register any time of the year.
  • Commencement date: Any time of the year, all year round.
  • Duration and completion: No limitations, depending on your circumstances.
  • Payment deadline: Directly after submitting the registration form. Please follow the payment instructions.
Substrate Design + Mushroom Cultivation

R 2999 | € 217 e-Learning
R 3999 | € 290 Correspondence

Focus will be on the range of oyster mushroom species, some of which are cultivated at room temperature. Thus no need to have expensive structures or complicated climate control systems.

Substrate Design + Mushroom Cultivation

R 3999 | € 290 e-Learning
R 4999 | € 362 Correspondence

Focus will be on shiitake bag cultivation, which is a bit more challenging and complicated as you would probably need facilities to cool down. Unless you want to follow the traditional shiitake log cultivation method. Shiitake is sought after, in both fresh and dried form.

The entire range of oyster mushroom species will also be discussed, some of which are cultivated at room temperature. Unless cultivating the king oyster or other winter oyster strains, there is no need to have expensive structures or complicated climate control systems.

Substrate Design + Mushroom Cultivation and Business Plan

R 7999 | € 580 e-Learning
R 8999 | € 652 Correspondence

Focus will be on the technology to cultivate the entire range of 60-100 gourmet / exotic / specialty / medicinal mushroom species, with the focus on specialised climate control and business plan information. Also included is the sought-after Mushroom Substrate Design Calculator to the value of R 1932 / € 140 EURO. Although a commercial setup might be costly, the outcome will be extremely profitable.

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